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ABATE of Maryland, Inc.
What is ABATE of Maryland, Inc.

ABATE of Maryland is the largest association of motorcycle riders in Maryland, whose members have joined together to advocate training as the foremost means of reducing accidents and injury, to put an end to discriminatory legislation, to communicate via newsletter, to explore ways to improve the overall motorcycling experience in Maryland, and to provide for and assure a continuing freedom and affordability of motorcycling.

ABATE of Maryland is the only organization in Maryland exclusively engaged in representing the rights of Maryland motorcyclists. We maintain a presence in Annapolis, your state Capitol, from the ABATE of Maryland state office. Local chapters throughout the state provide the foundation for our organization.

Motorcyclists in Maryland and nation-wide are presented with challenges from some elements of society that would eliminate or severely restrict motorcycling. Those who would like to restrict motorcycling attempt to do so with restrictive laws or prohibitive insurance costs. We perceive the risks associated with motorcycling as being manageable through programs of rider and driver education. The only effective method of reducing motorcycle injuries is accident avoidance.